Dec 31, 2013

2013 Skincare & Makeup Favourites Mini Review Complication

(Caution: word-heavy post!)

Hello there! Have you enjoyed Christmas? It has been a while since my last post, because I was so caught up in school work :( Anyway I am back now! Yayy!

So today is the last day of 2013 already! It might be high time to do a recap of the year right? Therefore I am going to do some mini reviews on my favourite skincare and makeup items in the year 2013!

(Please be reminded that I have combination-oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin, and my reviews will be based on these skin conditions!)

(From left to right, upper row to lower row)
1. Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Lotion

I believe it was called " Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble Lotion" before? But i think recently the company deleted "Jeju"... Anyway it is a lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky feeling. A godsend when the weather was humid. Now it is winter i will put on my Mizon Snail Recovery Gel on top of this lotion for extra moisture.  I also like its light herbal scent. 

2. It's Skin Power 10 Effector (VC, VB) 

VC (brightening): Love its citrusy scent that resembles orange juice! It is effective in brightening up and evening out my uneven skin tone, that I can see visible results within one week of usage (more effective than the LI effector). One downside is that it feels very sticky whenever I use more than 2 drops of the serum so I restrict my usage to 1-2 drops each time, then it does not stick and absorbs well.

VB (oil control): More watery and absorbs faster than VC. With no makeup,  it extended my shine-free condition since morning face wash from 2 hours to 4 hours!! Have not tried using it under makeup but definitely will do. However I prefer VC's scent as VB has a more artificial, floral scent.  I use 2-3 drops each time for this serum.

3. Cezanne Ultra Cover UV Foundation II (#2 Light Ochre)

My first powder foundation! It comes with a big mirror and a sponge, gives me additional coverage and moisturizing enough not to highlight my dry patches. It is a two-way pact so I can go for a less matte look. It holds up pretty well through out the day. Slight accumulation of powder around the nose area might occur after 6 hours of wearing but nothing too disastrous. Great base product for the hot and humid summer here.

4. Maybelline Baby Lips Glow (Pink Blast) 

A colored chapstick that claims to change the color from clear to pink according to the pH of the lips, though I personally think it's more likely to react according to temperature rather than pH. Anyway it gives my lips a nice subtle hint of pinkness. While it's packaging is a chapstick, it actually has some lip-tint property and the color stays even the glossiness wears off. It's very convenient to use and I always have this in my makeup bag.

5. Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (#6)

Star product of the brand, loads of reviews online. It's name says gloss but I think it's more like a colored lip balm. I love its cute packaging, orangey flavor and the non-sticky consistency.  It's pigmentation and subtle sparkle is just right for my daily school makeup, if you need more color you can build it up but do not expect pigmentation of a traditional lip stick. Duration-wise, it can last for a good 4-5 hours on me but after meals reapplication is very often needed.

6. Etude House Styling Eyeliner (White)

Now this product is notoriously known to be non-waterproof and smudge-proof, why does this appear in my favorite list? It's because I am not using it as a traditional eyeliner, but as a stick eyeshadow for the under-eye area to create a somehow natural looking agyeo-sal. I love its subtle shimmer and fine tip which make it easier to use than stick eyeshadows. If you leave it alone it can lasts for the entire day but once you rub your eyes you'll have to reapply immediately, lol.

7. Ettusais Mineral BB Cream (#20 Natural)

Ettusais is a Japanese brand which founded by one of the cosmetic giant in the country, Shiseido. I got this before venturing into Korean BB creams, and it is still my go-to BB cream! It claims to be non-comedogenic and suitable for acne-prone skin, and I have been using it for the past 6 months with no irritation or breakouts from it. It gives a semi-matte finish and glides very well on my bumpy face. It has medium coverage, buildable but hardly reach full coverage like Missha Pefect Cover does. So I still need my concealer when wearing this BB cream.

8. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact

You can see I'm always getting oil-control products, lol! It's a powder pact that helps to control my oil production and set my makeup. The pact comes with a mirror too. I like that the powder is translucent and does not leave a white cast. I put 2 layers of this on my oily t-zones and 1 layer elsewhere. It keeps my oily forehead (covered by bang) shine-free for around 4 hours (which is much better already...). There is a plastic separator separating the sponge and the powder that can be taken out, but I prefer those that is directly attached to the container than you can just flip over and get the powder underneath.

9. 3M Nexcare Acne Dressing

The brand is not an asian brand but still it is readily available in my country! Very effective in absorbing the secretions in big and inflamed acne! With these on I'm less likely to touch the acnes with my dirty hands too. It's convenient to use, but cannot use when wearing makeup as it's so very visible actually.

10. Etude House Baking Powder B.B. Deep Cleansing Foam

A popular foam type makeup remover from the brand, removes makeup well and also contains particles for scrubbing. I am using it after the using cleansing water to remove makeup (I prefer double cleansing). Its citrusy smell is pleasant (by now you'll probably notice I really like anything citrusy, orangey, lemony...) , and the 150ml tube lasts for a few months even with daily usage.

11. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (Soft)

One of the star products of Innisfree. It leaves my skin smoother and pores less visible, possibly because absorbing all the junk in my clogged pores? It also feels cool when applying on face. I am using this for 2-3 times a week after exfoliating.

12. Coringco Eye Flower Eye Lash Serum 

My first eyelash serum. I see my eyelashes becoming longer after around 1 month of usage (Should have taken photos for record!) It also made my lashes stronger. Now i am hoping it will make the lashes thicker as well. But again it has a somewhat artificial floral smell which I am not a fan of... :(


So these are my favorites in 2013! Have you used any of them and do you like it/them? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! If you want me to do a full review on any of the products do let me know too :)

Oct 31, 2013

Extra#2 - Some Giveaways to Share

Hiya :D

Sorry for not updating the blog! School work is getting heavy as the semester goes on... t_t!
Aaaand...I actually did a haul or two despite the tight schedule! So i'll post them as soon as possible (i mean it, just wait until the essays and projects are all over...)

In the mean while, I have some fabulous giveaways to share to compensate for the wait!

(Updated Nov 11)
The first one is a giveaway by Misaraisu and OBVIobsessions!

The prizes include:

1. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion
2. Lioele Eye Shadow Tiple
3. Etude House Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil
4. Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style Lipstick
5. Lioele Duo Eyeshadow
6. Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master

You can look at the details by clicking the image above! Enjoy and good luck!

At the same time Misaraisu is also holding a fashion giveaway and you can check it by clicking on the gif below!

Another wonderful giveaway is held by Marion! The prize is the newly released Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion!

You can visit Marion's blog by clicking the image above as well :}

So that's it for now! Enjoy! I promise I'll be back posting hauls and reviews ASAP t_t


Sep 20, 2013

#9 - It's Skin Babyface One-step Base (Green) Swatch And Review

Hello there! 

First of all happy Mid-autumn festival! I hope everyone who celebrates this festival get to spend some quality time with friends and family, and also eat a lot of yummy moon cakes!

So thanks to the festival I have a long weekend with Friday as the public holiday! That means I have time to do a post *yay*! I'll write up a review on this new base I got last month then!

So I grabbed the It's Skin Babyface One-step Base (Green) from TesterKorea (see previous post), in an attempt to even out the shipping cost (and because of its cute packaging)! 

It has 2 colors to choose from: lavender pink and green. The pink one is for brightening up your skin tone, while the green one is for neutralizing redness. Both of them has SPF15 and claim to cover pores for a smooth surface to put makeup on!

It's easy to blend, and does a good job at covering my pores! The consistency is pretty light at the same time, so I think it's less likely to cause breakouts. And it has a lovely apple scent :}

However its coverage is a bit too sheer to me, I often have to put 2-3 layers of it to neutralize the redness from my earlier breakouts. So I don't think this little tube containing 35g of product will last me for a long time :{ While it doesn't have any oil-control properties, luckily it doesn't oil me up faster either.

- Easy to blend
- Lightweight
- Did not cause any irritation or breakout on my sensitive and acne-prone skin
- Cute packaging
- Lovely scent

- Coverage too sheer
- Small tube of makeup base! Only 35g :{
- No oil control 

Probably not. I need something more powerful to neutralize the redness from previous breakouts *sobs* It might be a good option for those who has less redness to cover up (say, to cover up the red capillaries showing on the skin).

So that's it for now! See you around :}


Sep 8, 2013

#8 - Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream Review

Heyy everyone!

School has once again started, and I'll be busy between essays, lectures and finals in the coming months t_t... I hope summer holidays never end! Haha anyway I will still post reviews and hauls from time to time!

So today it's Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream's turn to be reviewed! Again it was a part of my Gmarket Haul in July.

Yep, this cute looking squeeze tube actually contains snail secretion filtrate! Snail mucous skincare is one of the hottest beauty trends in Korea, as mucous secreted by a certain species of snail was found to have great skin healing property. 

So what is it's claim? (Pic credit here although I got my gel cream on Gmarket)

Like most of the snail mucous containing products, the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream claims to have skin regenerating and wrinkle soothing properties. 

This is how the gel looks like on my hand :}

A translucent gel consistency, pretty watery with no scent. It's a lightweight gel, and doesn't look or feel like mucous-related at all haha! After application the gel quickly absorbed into the skin. 

After using this gel cream for 3 weeks, I have to say I am quite satisfied with it! I like the fact that it's lightweight and non-sticky. Also, this gel makes my skin a smooth canvas and prepares my skin well for makeup! And it doesn't clash with my sunscreen even it's a gel! 

One more thing, I was surprised to experience some degree oil control in it. It didn't say anything about this on the box, but I do feel my non T-zone areas gets oily slower when using the gel.  But it doesn't have any effects on my oily T-zone, so I still need to apply primer on that area.

Although it claims to have skin regenerating properties, I haven't noticed any significant changes yet :/   I don't have wrinkles yet so can't comment on that, but it didn't lighten my acne scars any faster. Also it was less moisturizing than an emulsion/ milk though, so I tend to switch back to my moisturizing milk at night.

Overall, it's a good gel for morning routine but not moisturizing enough for my night routine!

- lightweight, non-sticky
- squeeze tube, convenient
- did not clash with my sunscreen and base makeup
- prepare skin well for makeup in the morning

- not moisturizing enough for night routine
- cannot see the skin regenerating properties after using 3 weeks

Have you tried this product? Let me know what do you think of it :}


#Extra - Glasses and Mask Giveway News!

Hiya :3 Here's a quick post about some lovely giveaways!

So the first one is this glasses giveaway at Sakuranko's blog!

I've seen a lot of giveaways of this company lately, and they have a free glasses campaign for new members! A deal can't be missed :} You can check more details on Sakuranko's post.

The second one is the mask giveaway held by Fräulein

Sheet masks! A superb pick-me-up from time to time! Wonderful :}You can check more details on Fräulein's post.

Have fun and good luck! 

Aug 28, 2013

#7 - TesterKorea Mini Haul Review!

Hi there! It's almost September... school is about to start! t_t

It's important to look good on the first day of a new school year right? So I did a mini haul at TesterKorea on makeup products :}

So a timeline for you girls first! (Click to enlarge)

I chose registered airmail (the cheapest option) to ship out my order, and took about 7 business days to get to me. The processing speed was actually pretty fast! Excluding the public holiday, it only took 1 business day to ship out my items. 

So my package came like this!

Really, it's wrapped tightly with plastic tape. Guess it's to make it waterproof? But that makes the cardboard un-recyclable... since I can't get the tape off the box :{

Now have a look on the inside!

Nicely packed, eh? I've ordered 3 regular products plus some samples, all the regular products are wrapped in bubble wrap. The samples are in a small plastic bag.

Moving on to the content of my mini haul plus gift samples ;}

This time I bought:
- Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Primer 
- It's Skin Babyface One-step Base (Green)
- It's Skin Babyface Jelly tint (Tomato Red)
- Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #3 Samples x10
- Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream (Silky) Samples x10
- Skin79 White Reviving Skin Radiance Solution Samples x30

I've read that some buyer received SkinFood cotton pads as freebies to take up the space inside the box, but I didn't get any :/ Maybe it's because my haul was too small that they all fit in well in a small box...

Anyway, they are still generous with freebies!

Look at that! They gave me testers for toner, emulsion, ampule and cream! A complete basic skincare regime! That's thoughtful isn't it? 

So the shipping and delivery at TesterKorea was very smooth and pleasant! Now I'll comment on the price and service in the following summary :)

- List price close to retail price in Korea
- New members receive a 10% off coupon - I used it on the primer!
- Customer service was fast  - I submitted an enquiry related to payment method, and got the reply very promptly.
- Has many shipping options (check my last post for details)
- Generous with freebies!
- Can pay South Korean Won directly via credit card, which usually has the best exchange rate.

- Some products go sold out very quickly, and the restocking might take a few days
- List price is in South Korean Won, might be troublesome to some

Overall I'm really pleased with TesterKorea! Have you bought from them before? Tell me what you think! ;D


*DISCLAIMER* This is not a sponsored post. I am writing this post based entirely on my opinions.

Aug 26, 2013

#6 - "Where do I buy Korean cosmetics online?" Overview

Hey there!

So after the success of ordering at Gmarket, I am now looking into other websites to decide where to do my haul next time! *smirk* It's really important for us shoppers to look for reputable and reliable platforms, so I am writing this post for all of you out there as a reference ;)

In my post i'll include Gmarket, Qoo10, TesterKorea, KoreaDepart.
(The overview is on buying fashion and beauty products only at the moment)

Short Introduction:

Gmarket - Famous, reliable online shopping website based in Korea. Now subsidiary of Ebay.

Qoo10 - Formerly known as Gmarket Singapore. Joint venture company between Ebay and Gmarket. Very similar to Gmarket.

TesterKorea - Shopping site based in Korea. Has accessory division apart from beauty section. Beauty section has both regular products and samples.

KoreaDepart - Shopping site based in Korea. Has fashion, food and speciality divisions apart from beauty section.


(Click to enlarge)


Gmarket Go for it if you buy a lot of heavy products/ buy from many sellers/ want to have fast delivery.

EMS allows up to 30kg each shipment, and Gmarket offers the lowest rate of EMS. It will collect all your orders from different sellers for free too. Via EMS, your order usually will arrive within 1-2 weeks.

Qoo10Go for it if you want to join group buy/ buy from 1-2 sellers only/ don't mind waiting for a few weeks for delivery.

Most sellers offer free normal airmail and charge a little on registered airmail. Not all of them offer EMS and if they do, the rate is high compared to Gmarket. However, airmails can take up to a month to deliver your items and only allow up to ~2kg per shipment.

TesterKorea: Go for it if you want to have flexibility in choosing shipping method/ are on a sample haul/ want something hard to find online.

It has many shipping methods to choose from. You can choose registered airmail if your order is light, and choose EMS when it is heavy. It also has a "Want" board where you can post the items you don't find on the website, the admin will buy and put it up for you if possible.

KoreaDepartGo for it if you want to buy at its outlet/ are living in Asia. 
There are many products in its outlet section at very lovely prices. Also, many Asian countries are in KoreaDepart's "fixed cost zone" - meaning you pay for shipping only at 1 price and can save shipping costs.

Well thanks for reading this long post! I've just ordered something on both Qoo10 and TesterKorea, now waiting patiently for them to be delivered! I'll write up reviews on these sites when my orders come!


*DISCLAIMER* This is not a sponsored post. I am writing this post based entirely on my opinions.