Jul 21, 2013

#3 - First Gmarket Haul!

Heyyy everyone!
*Jumps and screams frantically*

I have waited for them to arrive for SO LONG. As mentioned in the last post, there was some delay related to my order... anyway it's here now!

What a GINORMOUS box at first sight, but it's actually only half-filled.here are actually only 4 boxes. They can actually send my items in a much smaller box if the little boxes are positioned more carefully. 
(Sorry for the shaky picture, I was too thrilled to receive my parcel! :P)

I bought quite a lot from Etude house, as they were having a sale up to 50% off.

(From left to right, back row to front)

Etude House AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion - Got this because i'm running out of moisturizing milk! Hormonal acnes trouble me from time to time, and this item was like half-priced. So I picked this out of all the lotions Etude House has to offer.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener (500ml) - I've read many positive reviews of this on the blogosphere! Gonna give it a try to clear up my clogged pores.

Etude House I'm Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam - Always wanted to try this after my friend told me it does a good job to remove makeup residue. So snatched this while half-priced.

Etude House I'm Blooming Sebum Control Mist - Need to prep my skin well for makeup.

Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment 

Etude House Baking Powder B.B. Deep Cleansing Foam - THIS! I've tried sample of this before, it really removes my makeup completely without making my skin too dry. Gotta grab a tube of this while on sale.

Etude House Pearl Daily Mask Sheet Pack 

Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer (Natural Beige)

Also got something from Mizon.

Mizon Snail Gel Cream (1+1+1) - only for 9900 won! Can't resist such a bargain.

Mizon Skin Power Original First Essence 

Bought something from It's Skin also.

(From left to right)
It's Skin Power 10 Formula Effector Essence LI 
It's Skin Power 10 Formula Effector Essence WH 
It's Skin Secret Body Solution Whitening Essence

Finally, Scinic.

Scinic Nutri-100 Hyaluronic Solution (1+1) - 8900 won for two! Stocking for the dry winter.

So these are the things I bought! I"m including some facts related to this haul if any of you want a reference.

Order placed: 
First order (Etude house and Mizon) - 3/7/2013
Second order (It's Skin and Scinic) - 12/7/2013.
Combined shipment on 12/7/2013.

Domestic Delivery Completed: 
Etude house - 5/7/2013
Scinic - 15/7/2013
Mizon - 16/7/2013 
It's Skin - 16/7/2013 

Most of them items were sent out by the sellers 1-2 days after ordering, except for Mizon which took almost 2 weeks to do that! T_T. Was particularly impressed by Etude house though - it sent out my items in lightning speed while having a 50% sale! (Meaning that there would be floods of order)

Worldwide Shipping: 
Sent out from Korea - 17/7/2013
Arrived in HK - 18/7/2013
Delivered - 20/7/2013

Thanks for reading this loooooooooong post! Might write some reviews after using these products! Stay tuned!


Jul 17, 2013

#2 -Little things about Gmarket

Hello there! As the last post mentioned, I ordered on Gmarket for the first time a while ago. My package is now entering the worldwide shipping process... hopefully it'll arrive soon!

If you like online shopping (like me), you have to check out Gmarket!! It's a great website composed of different sellers with many, many, MANY merchandises - from clothings to beauty products to food, you name it!

There are lots of Gmarket tutorials on the Internet (in different languages), it's pretty easy to bring you on the right track. Thanks to the tutorials, I guess I spent only a day or two to learn how it functions before buying wildly.

Gmarket has both Korean and English interface, and I feel like it's best to switch bewteen 2 versions at different times to make the best use of Gmarket. It goes like this:

English version - making payment, tracking items and contacting customer service
(especially making payment because it involves taking away your money!)

Korean version - search for certain items, check out sales from offical direct shops
(Not only that less results come up in the English version, some sales were omitted in it too! Not a good deal!)

While I cannot read Korean, it still seems pretty easy to navigate through the website with the help of Chrome. That automatic translation is brilliant for Gmarketing.
Do pay attention that you cannot switch the language version you are visiting simply by clicking the "English/Korean" button on the upper right hand corner - it'll just bring you back to the mainpage. If I see an item on the English version and want to view it in the Korean interface, what I'll do is to add it into the wishlist/ shopping cart/favourite store - then go to the Korean interface to call the item out.

I spent most of the time deciding on what to buy - that means constantly clicking on my calculator and reading reviews for days. I finally bought some Etude House (50% off sale!) and Mizon. Then what I need to do was to wait patiently until all the items arrive at the Gmarket warehouse and pack for EMS. I ordered for the second time and combined shipping about a week later, because there was some SERIOUS DELAY from Mizon and I was afraid the items from them will be cancelled. This time I bought from It's Skin and Scinic, which were having sales also.

Just checked the EMS status for another time, it should go onto the plane by tomorrow. I can't wait to get my items! Will write you a haul post by then!


- Extra: Scary Email from Gmaket-

Not sure if any of you reading this experienced this, but I received a pretty scary email from the day after I made the first purchase.

Gmarket requested me to provide a front photo of my credit card (with the last 4 digits covered) because I was using an "undomesticated credit card" (i guess that means a foreign credit card). I was pretty shocked and immediately checked my credit card account, luckily the payment hadn't gone through yet so I was a bit assured.

Afraid that it was an email scam, I sent the Gmarket CS an enquiry and they confirmed that the email was legit. So I did what they told. Within 30 minutes they sent me back an email saying my payment is confirmed and that no more verification will be required in the future. Some of my items changed from "on request" to "on delivery" that day, and the payment went through the day after that.

I monitored my credit card account for days after that and no unauthorized transections appeared, so I guess there's not much to worry about? Feel free to leave me a comment if you had the same issue before!

Jul 15, 2013

First Post! Intro and teaser (?!)

Hello my readers! (if any)

Welcome here! So as the header says - you are in a blog that documents the thoughts of Cheri (me). In fact, one of the reasons I am creating this blog is thelp me remember what I did and what I felt in the future. It'll be fun reading these entries after, let's say, 10 years? :D

I guess if you know a little bit more about me, it will help you to guess what the blog will be about - so i am going to do a simple self-intro here. Call me Cheri, and my current city is Hong Kong. I am currently a student and my hobbies... change a lot. Recently it's collecting/ researching on skincare and cosmetics? I started to take care of my skin so I am really interested in skincare and cosmetics - especially Korean ones! They are of good value and their packaging are just AWESOME! Usually I do base makeup plus a lip gloss when I go out, and rarely put on eyeshadows, eyeliner and stuff. I might try those later if I feel less lazy, haha!

I ordered some Korean skincare and cosmetics via Gmarket a while ago, and it should arrive soon. I will do a post by then! Stay tuned! Until then, see you!


P.S.: Ever wondered why this little blog has a strange name - Stay Girls Forever?
Listen to this song and you'll get it - I love the message in it. (And because i am a SONE, lol)