Jul 15, 2013

First Post! Intro and teaser (?!)

Hello my readers! (if any)

Welcome here! So as the header says - you are in a blog that documents the thoughts of Cheri (me). In fact, one of the reasons I am creating this blog is thelp me remember what I did and what I felt in the future. It'll be fun reading these entries after, let's say, 10 years? :D

I guess if you know a little bit more about me, it will help you to guess what the blog will be about - so i am going to do a simple self-intro here. Call me Cheri, and my current city is Hong Kong. I am currently a student and my hobbies... change a lot. Recently it's collecting/ researching on skincare and cosmetics? I started to take care of my skin so I am really interested in skincare and cosmetics - especially Korean ones! They are of good value and their packaging are just AWESOME! Usually I do base makeup plus a lip gloss when I go out, and rarely put on eyeshadows, eyeliner and stuff. I might try those later if I feel less lazy, haha!

I ordered some Korean skincare and cosmetics via Gmarket a while ago, and it should arrive soon. I will do a post by then! Stay tuned! Until then, see you!


P.S.: Ever wondered why this little blog has a strange name - Stay Girls Forever?
Listen to this song and you'll get it - I love the message in it. (And because i am a SONE, lol)

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