Sep 20, 2013

#9 - It's Skin Babyface One-step Base (Green) Swatch And Review

Hello there! 

First of all happy Mid-autumn festival! I hope everyone who celebrates this festival get to spend some quality time with friends and family, and also eat a lot of yummy moon cakes!

So thanks to the festival I have a long weekend with Friday as the public holiday! That means I have time to do a post *yay*! I'll write up a review on this new base I got last month then!

So I grabbed the It's Skin Babyface One-step Base (Green) from TesterKorea (see previous post), in an attempt to even out the shipping cost (and because of its cute packaging)! 

It has 2 colors to choose from: lavender pink and green. The pink one is for brightening up your skin tone, while the green one is for neutralizing redness. Both of them has SPF15 and claim to cover pores for a smooth surface to put makeup on!

It's easy to blend, and does a good job at covering my pores! The consistency is pretty light at the same time, so I think it's less likely to cause breakouts. And it has a lovely apple scent :}

However its coverage is a bit too sheer to me, I often have to put 2-3 layers of it to neutralize the redness from my earlier breakouts. So I don't think this little tube containing 35g of product will last me for a long time :{ While it doesn't have any oil-control properties, luckily it doesn't oil me up faster either.

- Easy to blend
- Lightweight
- Did not cause any irritation or breakout on my sensitive and acne-prone skin
- Cute packaging
- Lovely scent

- Coverage too sheer
- Small tube of makeup base! Only 35g :{
- No oil control 

Probably not. I need something more powerful to neutralize the redness from previous breakouts *sobs* It might be a good option for those who has less redness to cover up (say, to cover up the red capillaries showing on the skin).

So that's it for now! See you around :}



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    1. Wow! Thank you so much Sakuranko! I have replied your email so please check :)

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    1. hey there! thank you so much! i will definitely post more in the future; ) lemme follow you also: )

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