Aug 26, 2013

#6 - "Where do I buy Korean cosmetics online?" Overview

Hey there!

So after the success of ordering at Gmarket, I am now looking into other websites to decide where to do my haul next time! *smirk* It's really important for us shoppers to look for reputable and reliable platforms, so I am writing this post for all of you out there as a reference ;)

In my post i'll include Gmarket, Qoo10, TesterKorea, KoreaDepart.
(The overview is on buying fashion and beauty products only at the moment)

Short Introduction:

Gmarket - Famous, reliable online shopping website based in Korea. Now subsidiary of Ebay.

Qoo10 - Formerly known as Gmarket Singapore. Joint venture company between Ebay and Gmarket. Very similar to Gmarket.

TesterKorea - Shopping site based in Korea. Has accessory division apart from beauty section. Beauty section has both regular products and samples.

KoreaDepart - Shopping site based in Korea. Has fashion, food and speciality divisions apart from beauty section.


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Gmarket Go for it if you buy a lot of heavy products/ buy from many sellers/ want to have fast delivery.

EMS allows up to 30kg each shipment, and Gmarket offers the lowest rate of EMS. It will collect all your orders from different sellers for free too. Via EMS, your order usually will arrive within 1-2 weeks.

Qoo10Go for it if you want to join group buy/ buy from 1-2 sellers only/ don't mind waiting for a few weeks for delivery.

Most sellers offer free normal airmail and charge a little on registered airmail. Not all of them offer EMS and if they do, the rate is high compared to Gmarket. However, airmails can take up to a month to deliver your items and only allow up to ~2kg per shipment.

TesterKorea: Go for it if you want to have flexibility in choosing shipping method/ are on a sample haul/ want something hard to find online.

It has many shipping methods to choose from. You can choose registered airmail if your order is light, and choose EMS when it is heavy. It also has a "Want" board where you can post the items you don't find on the website, the admin will buy and put it up for you if possible.

KoreaDepartGo for it if you want to buy at its outlet/ are living in Asia. 
There are many products in its outlet section at very lovely prices. Also, many Asian countries are in KoreaDepart's "fixed cost zone" - meaning you pay for shipping only at 1 price and can save shipping costs.

Well thanks for reading this long post! I've just ordered something on both Qoo10 and TesterKorea, now waiting patiently for them to be delivered! I'll write up reviews on these sites when my orders come!


*DISCLAIMER* This is not a sponsored post. I am writing this post based entirely on my opinions.

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